Feeling the heat…

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The 2018 UK heatwave prompted me to write this short summary of where we are now and what we can do about it: Scientists say that the heatwave scorching the UK, northern Europe and Japan was made more than twice … Continued

Anyone for tennis?

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Tennis has a weird scoring system. Point, game, set, match. This leads to lots of excitement, as mini-dramas unfold near the end of many games and sets. But it can also lead to unfair results. The better player sometimes loses. … Continued

Valuing climate damages

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The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has just released a new report about the social cost of carbon dioxide (SCCO2), described by one economist as ‘the most important number that you’ve never heard of”. The report is the result … Continued

After Paris

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A deal on limiting climate change, described by the French Foreign Minister as ‘the most ambitious and balanced possible‘ will be agreed today in Paris. It revolves around voluntary pledges made by over 180 countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. These … Continued