• Valuing climate damages

    The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has just released a new report about the social cost of carbon dioxide (SCCO2), described by one economist as ‘the most important number that you’ve never heard of”. The report is the result … Continued

  • The social cost of carbon under President Trump

    The Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) has been one of the main pillars of the EPA’s strategy to tackle the US’s contribution to climate change. According to a letter leaked this week, that looks set to change. Tom Pyle, the … Continued

  • A proportionate response to Trump’s climate plans

    During the US election campaign, Donald Trump said that he would dismantle the country’s domestic climate change policies, and withdraw the US from international climate agreements, most notably the Paris agreement which came into force earlier this month. In the … Continued

  • Hinkley C: do climate benefits make it a good deal after all?

    On Monday this week, Matt Ridley published a blog in the Times claiming that the projected £30bn public subsidy for Hinkley C is too high a price to pay for the reductions in CO2 emissions that it will provide. The Times … Continued

  • Making a safe bet on dangerous climate change

    The record warmth of 2015 just made me £1,334 richer. While the extra cash is a nice bonus, it sadly demonstrates that the atmospheric dice remain loaded towards increasing climate change. So, how did I turn increasing temperatures into cash? … Continued

  • After Paris

    A deal on limiting climate change, described by the French Foreign Minister as ‘the most ambitious and balanced possible‘ will be agreed today in Paris. It revolves around voluntary pledges made by over 180 countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. These … Continued